William Safford is a graduate of Capital Law School, in Columbus, Ohio.  He has been practicing law in the criminal courts of California since 2012, but has been involved with indigent defense programs since 2006.  He recently moved to Chicago, Illinois, but continues to work on behalf of indigent defendants in the San Francisco Bay Area, representing them in appeals and writing motions for complex gang and murder cases.

Mr. Safford is proud to be a member of the appointed attorney panel for Santa Clara County, supervised by the Independent Defense Counsel Office (IDO).  IDO panel attorneys are private and independent, but are assigned to represent indigent defendants are are paid by the courts.  The IDO panel is one of the best examples in the country of an independent defense program.

Mr. Safford is a member of the California Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the American Civil Liberties Union.  He is licensed to practice in any California criminal court and some federal courts.


BWLogosMany aspects of our lives are handled by the courts.  Whether you are charged with a crime, disputing your lease, dealing with the passing of a loved one, litigating the results of a traffic accident, changing your name, or arguing with the neighbor over the dog barking, there is a good chance that your fate will be decided by a judge and argued over by an attorney.

I believe that everyone, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation, or economic status, deserves excellent legal counsel.  To put it another way – every person, in every court case, no matter how “small” the case or how thin their wallet, deserves an attorney whose sole job is looking out for their interests.  This is not a new idea, but it is an extremely important one!

If you have a case in an appellate court, or if you think you might want to appeal your criminal conviction case, contact Safford Legal to set up a free phone or e-mail consultation.


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