Criminal Defense

Please note:  I am no longer accepting new clients for trial court representation!


Have you been convicted of a crime in a California court?  

Were you found guilty after a trial, in front of a jury or a judge?  

Did you try to suppress evidence, or fight some other legal battle and lose?  

If the answer to any of these is “yes”, I may be able to help you.  An “appeal” takes a criminal case to the next level, asking a higher court to review the decisions made in the lower court and “reverse” those decisions.  However, not every case can be appealed, and appeals can be very complicated.  If you think you might want to appeal your case, you may contact me right away for a consultation.  However, please understand that work almost exclusively by court appointment, so I may not be able to take your case on a private basis.

Important:  If you think you have a legitimate appeal, you need to act right away!  Appeals are subject to very strict timelines.  In many cases, you only have 30 days to file an appeal, or you can lose your rights – so don’t wait!

Please Note:  Mr. Safford does not practice in any Illinois courts.  His practice is confined exclusively to California state law courts.  All court appearances and any in-person meetings take place in California.  

Legal Writing for California Attorneys

If you are a California criminal defense attorney, in need of a “ghost writer”, I am available for a variety of writing tasks.  I have experience in a broad range of cases, and frequently write P.C. 995 motions, demurrers, severance motions, motions in limine, and trial briefs.  I am also happy to ghost write appellate briefs.  However, my writing schedule tends to fill up weeks (and sometimes months) ahead of time, so please contact me right away if you need help.


We believe that everyone always deserves counsel at every stage of the process.  If you have an appeal or post-conviction matter you would like to discuss, contact Safford Legal to set up a consultation.

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